popCalin V. Pop, M.D. , Chief Science Officer

Board Certified Internal Medicine

Calin V. Pop, MD is an experienced medical expert certified in traditional medicine and alternative, complementary and anti-aging modalities. He has extensive background in ortho-molecular medicine, mind-body connection, unusual treatments, vitamins and nutritional supplements, natural and biochemical detoxification.

Based on his original ideas, Dr Pop developed a high impact, super potent line of nutritional supplements based on 15 years of medical studies and clinical observations. He presently designs exclusive individual medical programs and is extremely active in the self improvement and mind over body technology. He has successfully treated thousands of individuals over the last 20 years many of whom could not be treated by any another doctor.

Calin V Pop, MD was trained by New York Medical College and Yale University School of Medicine affiliated programs.  Dr. Pop is the founder of Unique Health Solutions, an Internal Medicine practice dedicated to world class combining of traditional medicine with the most cutting edge alternative medicine, resulting in successful treatment of thousands of individuals.

Dr Pop is extremely interested in  Nanotechnology Products as related  to Health Applications, most particularly in Longevity, Drug and Nutraceutical Delivery and Cancer prevention and treatment.  He is interested in the role of Light and Sound Frequencies In modifying the health Properties of Gold and Silver nano particles.

Dr Pop has several publications, books and patents pending. He is the author of “The Symbolic Message of Illness”, presenting a forward thinking approach to ridding of health problems and raising public consciousness.  In addition, Dr. Pop is a contributing author in a Book of Scientific Protocols that Integrate Mainstream and Alternative Medicine.


goiaDan Goia, PH.D, Chief Science & Technical Advisor

Distinguished Professor

Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) at Clarkson University, NY

Ph.D. Chemistry, Clarkson University, 1998
Dan Goia, PhD, coordinated strategies for the R&D activities in the areas of metal and dielectric powders. He developed innovative processes to synthesize metallic, ceramic and metallic/ceramic composite powders with properties tailored for specific applications. He initiated and coordinated collaborative research projects with industrial corporate divisions, government and academic research entities and facilities.

Dan Goia developed original technologies for synthesizing simple and composite noble metal powders (Ag, Pt, Au, Pd, Au/Pd, Pt/Rh, etc.) for electronic applications. He developed and implemented on large scale novel processes for Au, Ag, Pd, and Pt electroless plating of metallic and non-metallic substrates. He performed extensive studies of sintering, shrinkage, and oxidation properties of metal and ceramic powders and developed in-depth expertise in the dispersion of metallic particles in organic and aqueous systems with immediate applications in the preparation of stable colloidal dispersions and electronic inks.

Dr Goia’s efforts are focused on development of high performance materials for existing and emerging applications and has resulted in models that are widely accepted by the scientific community and are frequently cited in the literature. He developed new products for: DMC2 Corporation – R&D Director, Degussa Corporation –  R&D Manager, National Science Foundation, US Army, Dupont Corporation, Ames-Goldsmith, Conpart AS, Umicore, Inc and Brookhaven Laboratories. Dr Goia is an authority in his field, has extensive publication experience and participated in multiple patents in his domain.

Dan Goia, PhD had government and industrial research grants in the areas of metal and metal-composite particles for defense applications, metallic catalysts,  solid oxide fuel cells, precious and base metal powders for electronic components, metallic flakes for interference shielding, nano size metallic particles for medical and antimicrobial applications, and metal composite powders for metallurgical applications. As a result of this research Dr. Goia developed novel technologies in manufacturing of ultra-fine, nano size particles and flakes for electronic, catalytic, metallurgical, and biological applications.

Dr Goia’s world class academic and research expertise combined with practical industry experience with  experience in cost effective scaling up of novel products makes him a valuable component of our team.