Goldsol’s Patent Pending GNS™ Colloids

In addition to Goldsol’s line up of Gold and Silver Colloids, Dispersions, and Powders we now offer samples of our revolutionary GNS™ products. Our Patent pending GNS™ metal colloids are specifically designed as superior carriers of organic molecules for bio-medical applications. This is one of the most exciting areas of Nanotechnology with far reaching potential, especially with regard to Drug Delivery.

Most drugs today have to be administered in higher concentrations than are actually needed to treat the disease or ailment. This is primarily due to the body’s natural immune defenses that tend to resist the invasive action of foreign molecules. Therefore, drugs have to be delivered in high enough doses to insure that the body absorbs the proper amount needed to treat the disease. This is a shotgun approach and often leads to side effects caused by the excess portion of the drug in the body.

Scientists have known for decades that gold nanoparticles not only have unique properties but are also well tolerated by the body’s immune system.

Extensive research has proven that, when certain drug molecules are attached to gold particles, the body tends to absorb the drug much more efficiently. This same theory seems to hold true for other organic molecules as well. The challenge has been in attaching the organic molecules in a way that is cost effective and can be implemented on commercial scale.

Goldsol GNS™ Colloids

Our patent pending GNS™ process for manufacturing stable dispersions of colloidal gold was developed by Professor Dan Goia and his team at Clarkson University and licensed exclusively to Goldsol Inc. The gold nanoparticles produced by this process are very uniform and remain well dispersed even at high metal concentrations. Their size can be accurately tuned from ~10 to 160 nanometers, which makes them suitable for a wide range of practical applications.

Goldsol’s GNS™ gold nanoparticles have an excellent potential for binding organic molecules, which may eliminate the typical complicated processing / functionalization steps. These features not only make these particles suitable for biomedical applications but also offer a cost effective and scalable approach compared to drug delivery systems presently used.

Goldsol’s expert team of material scientists can work with your team to determine if GNS is the right solution for you.

GNS™ colloids offer:

  • Gold nanoparticles coated with biocompatible molecules
  • Stable gold dispersions with concentrations from 0.1 wt.% (100 ppm) to 20 wt.% (200,000 ppm)
  • Consistent and adjustable particle size (from 5 nm up to 100 nm)

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