An EXCEPTIONAL Silver Nanoparticles Concentrate for Anti-Microbial Applications

Antimicrobial properties of silver have been documented and well known for many centuries. Unfortunately, recent usage of ionic and colloidal silver for antibacterial applications has been plagued with inferior products, scientific confusion and a marketing “fog” full of debatable claims.

Until Now…

Goldsol Inc., through a cooperative relationship with a world class nano technology university lab, scientists and doctors has released



MICROBISIL’s patent pending formula is unique with extremely small (10 nm in size) silver nano particles which are coated with a proprietary substance.  This coating enables particles to remain suspended and stable, not only in water, but in complex liquids like juices, soups or soft drinks. In addition, the coating agent protects the silver from being chemically active, allowing a slow release of silver ions – more than enough to achieve antibacterial concentrations and size uniformity, thus contributing to safe qualities and prevention of tissue accumulation.  These unique characteristics position MICROBISIL for antibacterial applications around the world.

Other colloidal silver products on the market are not suitable for these applications due to stability, uniformity and concentration challenges of the silver particles. Unless coated, the particles are not stable over time nor safe, and a low concentration makes it very difficult to scale up production or transport them a continent away.  This is a dramatic technological leap in colloidal silver manufacturing.

Goldsol, Inc has entered into an exclusive license agreement to distribute MICROBISIL and is planning a December 2014 launch date.