Goldsol nano particle silver

Goldsol™ develops and manufactures Gold and Silver Nano particles solutions for medical and industrial use.

Gold and Silver nano particles have attracted substantial interest from the scientific community for over a century because of their unique physical, chemical, and surface properties. Dispersed gold and Silver nanoparticles (also known as Colloids) can be implemented in a variety of applications, such as non-linear optics, electronics, surface enhanced spectroscopy (used in tumor detection), pigments, biology, sensors, biosensors, drug delivery, dentistry, coatings, and DNA sequence detection, among others.

Goldsol manufactures colloids (nano particles) in a wide range of particle sizes from 2-200 Nanometers, with the highest consistency and in the highest concentration on the market.

Nanotechnology has been growing at a rapid pace with new market trends being established daily. Considering the above factors, the nanotechnology market presently generates approximately 20 billion in revenue and is anticipated to experience continued rapid growth of at least 22% through the year 2020.

Nanotechnology growth with nano particles

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